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Beware False Gurus Promising Quick Riches

The Amazon education market is full of social media moguls who don't know jack about selling. Learn from REAL 7-figure Amazon Sellers.

Alibaba is NOT the Answer to Sourcing from China

Profitable Amazon businesses require reliable, safe sourcing from China. ASC provides these critical international partnerships.

If Your Products Don't Stand Out, You Won't Rise to the Top

In today's Amazon marketplace, you can't just sell the same sh** and expect to become a top seller. ASC can help you create products that pop.



Who Source, Import and Launch Products Every Day


Expert Product Sourcing

ASC employs fully-vetted, professional Chinese Sourcing Agents who know Amazon requirements. They become YOUR Agents and are a powerful resource beyond finding great prices from factories.

Freight Savings

ASC's industry-leading Freight Forwarders negotiate the best rates for you and ensure hassle-free shipping and Customs clearing. Members get discounts for full-loads or can share containers with other small shippers to save.

Sample Procurement & Consolidation

ASC Agents gather your samples in China and weed out the junk (a lot of samples are garbage). They consolidate the best samples and ship them together, saving you time and money.

Safe Money Transfers

We've built strong, trusted partnerships with top Chinese factories so you can rest assured when making large, international financial transactions.

FBA Direct Service

Save time and money with FBA-direct shipping and your products will arrive inspected, stickered and ready for sale. If you need U.S. storage, Members can access our private Las Vegas warehouse.

Quality Assurance

ASC Agents can coordinate requested and mandatory testing as well as perform critical quality inspections before you make final factory payments, protecting you from lost profits and bad reviews.

Member Success Stories
ASC helped Kiah Hagen launch 3 best-selling Amazon products
and grow a multi-million-dollar brand.


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