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I am trying to figure out if your program is a good match for me at this point in my business.

  • Whether you need help getting started or are already selling and want to take your store to the next level, we provide the experienced peer-support you’re looking for. With direct-to-China Quote Requests, you can research and evaluate products faster, cheaper, and more effectively than you could through Alibaba. You get ongoing support and training on Amazon's ever-changing platform via our private Facebook forum, so you can stay ahead of the changing game. And if you're not big enough (yet) to have your own Freight Handlers, you can use our world-class Freight team to transport your goods more efficiently and economically. Select Members may also access Club warehousing options that can make FBA non-essential. In short, if you're not a 7- or 8-figure Seller but you want to be, join Amazon Sellers Club.

What do my annual Membership fees cover?

  • Our model is like Sam's Club—you receive the "buying power" and respect afforded a larger, established entity. We've worked for years to build high-quality partnerships in China, and we weeded out the unscrupulous actors. ASC's Agents and Factory Partners are vetted and trusted - a HUGE asset when dealing with overseas entities. Join the Club and you’re one of us—enjoying all the perks of an experienced, powerful network of successful Sellers.

    Besides the ability to receive direct product quotes from YOUR Agents and Factory Partners in China, you get access to ASC's 8-figure customs bond and world-class Freight Forwarders. Our freight movers are among the best in the world, with a great reputation that really helps with hassle-free Customs clearances. If you're a small shipper, you don't have this kind of clout, and sometimes shipments get stuck for reasons that having a known freight handler on your side can help you avoid. You also get pre-negotiated rates that beat most (if not all) smaller carrier's prices. Finally, you can consolidate your smaller freight orders with other Club members, saving you money once again.

Do you offer any guarantees that I'll grow my business?

  • If you join the club and find it’s not a good fit for you, we will work with you individually to try and meet your needs. Most of the time, Sellers need personalized, one-on-one support to get them past their unique obstacles. That’s one of the most valuable perks of the Club—direct coaching from experienced Sellers that would cost you many thousands (or tens of thousands) IF you could find it elsewhere. Refunds will be considered on an individual basis, determined by how much you have benefited from or attempted to benefit from your Membership. We want you to grow your business, and we'll do everything we can to enable that success, however, there are many reasons that a business may fail to grow, so we can't offer any express guarantees.

What is expected of me as a member?

  • We hope that you will work towards the goal of determining if selling on Amazon (or another online platform) is right for you. If you decide that it is, we expect that you will use the Club’s resources to make that pursuit a resounding success! With that said, we will not pester you if you don’t reach out or make use of the tools. We’re here for it, but ultimately, success is up to you.

Do you offer any affiliate or referral programs?

  • We have made the business decision to limit Charter Membership to just 50 Members to ensure that we and our critical partners can deliver on our service commitments at a high level of quality. We currently have a wait-list, so we are not offering affiliations at this time. With that said, if you have a friend or partner that you feel would be a great Member of our Club, we want to talk to them! Reach out to Mandy Payne. We'll consider every request we receive.

What experience do you have as Amazon Sellers?

  • Amazon Sellers Club started when Mandy Payne, the #4 Top Amazon Reviewer in the world, took her expertise to China and became a Top Sourcing Agent for many 7- and 8-figure Amazon Sellers. After building successful partnerships such as these for several years, Mandy launched her own Amazon products and is now consistently launching Top Products for herself and her business partners. Read more about how and why Mandy started ASC on our About page.

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We provide personalized support to future Top Sellers.

We are expert Amazon Sellers and Importers who formed a club to help people who want to crush on Amazon. Since success is a collaborative effort, we are limiting how many members we take on.

We know there are a lot of fake Amazon gurus, and this is our way of making sure we are available to help with your unique situation.

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