Amazon Universe Terminology

We don’t try to shoot over your head, and we don’t skip the important stuff. We explain the complexities of Amazon in simple language.

Determining True Cost

We teach you how to estimate your true cost of production and shipping. You can’t determine if there’s a profit without knowing the REAL cost.

Why Alibaba's Not the Answer

We cover the issues with using Alibaba, including why it’s not the tool you need for sourcing, but IS great for product research.

Placing a Successful Order

We share best practices honed over a decade of experience, outlining reasonable expectations for placing a factory order in China.

Producing Quality Products

We step you through the production process and explain how to make product enhancements and ensure quality control.

Getting to FBA

We alert you to critical steps in the tight production timeline for getting your product to FBA, stickered and ready for sale.

Ultimate Guide Testimonials



Import Like A Boss and Crank Your Profits

Sourcing products from China continues to be one of the biggest obstacles facing online retailers. This inexpensive guide details the solution that’s built 7-and 8-fugure Amazon stores. Learn how to source profitably from Day 1.

Among other valuable insights, new Sellers will learn how to avoid losing their ass on a bad Alibaba order. Experienced Sellers will learn a safer, lower-hassle, and more profitable way to develop and import higher-volume products. In THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to Wicked Smart Sourcing, you’ll learn to source like a Pro so you can take your retail game to the next level.